MRI UPDATE-  Met with Dr. Az about the MRI.  Confirmed everything the CT Scan told us: Chest/Abdomen clear, tumor size & a few lymph nodes affected.  Previously he said there was little way I wouldn’t be a permanent bagman, but after reviewing the MRI he said that if the lower/smaller tumor responded well to the chemo/radiation that there is a chance that he can save the back door and eventually reconnect the plumbing.  So, if you want something specific to pray for, pray that they don’t have to take that back door!


Initially he said he thought it would be tablet chemo, but now says that they might consider putting in a port and going hardcore on the chemo if they think it will crush the #massinmyass.   Given that he isn’t the oncologist, I will wait for them to come up with the plan for that next Monday.  I am literally down with anything that will #savethehole!!!

Referrals made to both Oncologist and Radiology Oncologist (honestly not sure what to call them) and appointments set soon.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and support.  The gravity of this all kind of hit me hard again today and I just want to get moving so I can figure out what life if going to look like moving forward.