Short- day to day updates

5 OCT UPDATE- CAT Scan today, Results Monday

I had the CAT scan today and, of course, being Friday, we won't get results until Monday.  Fortunately we already have our appointment with the surgeon so we will be using our time wisely.  Had a serious problem with blood flow the past few…

27 SEP UPDATE- Polyps good, masses bad

We just met with Dr. Al to go over the results from the colonoscopy. The 9 polyps (6 6mm, 2 3.5 mm, 1 3mm) were all benign.  The 2 masses (4cm & 10cm) are both malignant.  He is referring us to a colorectal surgeon, Dr. Az and from there…

24 SEP UPDATE- 2 malignant tumors

 Just had a colonoscopy where they removed 9 polyps  from my colon (not sure of their nature at this point) and there are 2 tumors in there- one the size of a medium Apple and one about the size of a golf ball, both currently thought to be…