Tracking my weight, attitude, level of pain, Energy, and the general gist of the day.

21OCT18|Wt:217|ATT:10|PAIN:2|NRG:10| I am so relaxed and focused after my Epic Roadie from Seattle to Cypress with my oldest son.  I will post about the trip tomorrow with pictures, but my goals we achieved and now I am ready to get to the getting. Tomorrow is my appointment to review the MRI and to start putting the treatment plan together.

NO POSTS BETWEEN 13OCT & 21 OCT.  Check Insta for my story as it unfolds!

12OCT18|Wt:219|ATT:9|PAIN:3|NRG:8| Got the MRI today and it was the worst.  I am viciously claustrophobic and it was torture.  Jennisa and company are planning a benefit.  Tomorrow I am leaving on an epic trip/vision quest that was providently planned before cancer was even on the radar.  I am looking for inspiration, connection to God and clarity about the path ahead.  I always find God walking in the mountains.

11OCT18|Wt:218|ATT:7|PAIN:2|NRG:8| Finally got the MRI scheduled (tomorrow) and some meds to deal with this intermittent pain.  Friends are planning a benefit for us and we really are overwhelmed with the love pouring out.

10OCT18|Wt:218|ATT:9|PAIN:1|NRG:8| Good day at work.  Still chasing an MRI appt.  Getting ready for my epic roadie next week!

9OCT18|Wt:217|ATT:8|PAIN:2|NRG:6| Buoyed by the love and support of my friends.  Have a few long days at work and getting a bit worn down.

8OCT18|Wt:218|ATT:6|PAIN:1|NRG:7| Met w surgeon- update HERE.  Stage 3A- very winnable.  Glad to see the plan coming together.  Also looks like I will be ready for rodeo next year!

7OCT18|Wt:218|ATT:9|PAIN:1|NRG:8| Good day (not for the food truck though!) Great attitude and energy today.  Worked a little and then had some friends over & cooked a Mediterranean dinner.  Looking forward to the visit with the surgeon tomorrow and start getting a plan together.

6OCT18|Wt:217|ATT:7|PAIN:2|NRG:7| Pretty good day today.  13 hour day at work (a caterers life) and wore out towards the end with some weird pain, but made it through.

5OCT18|Wt:216|ATT:6|PAIN:2|NRG:5| CAT Scan today- rough morning emotionally, but the issue I had been dealing with passed and my attitude recovered. Busy weekend ahead at work. (Started tracking energy today.)

4OCT18|Wt:217|ATT:3|PAIN:4Something is changing and my attitude crashed hard. Need to take control tomorrow!

3OCT18|Wt: 218|ATT:6|PAIN:2| Talked to a cancer survivor friend of mine today.  Health solid today but ended with just a crummy attitude.

2OCT18|Wt:220|ATT:8|PAIN:3| Things got stopped up last night which caused some pressure & discomfort today. Long work day.

1OCT18|Wt:219|ATT:8|PAIN:2| Confirmed CAT scan and Surgeon. Feel good, some pressure.

30SEP18|Wt:221|ATT:6|PAIN:3| Worked around house and on website.  Feel some pain.

29SEP18|Wt:220|ATT:8|PAIN:1| ATOCF at work- fatigued early but no pain.