Well Meant, Poorly Met.


After prayerful counsel with Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, et al, it has been confirmed to me that the #massinmyass was not put there or allowed to grow by Jesus & Co to teach me humility or give me a tender heart towards vegetarians or God forbid, the vegans.

While every prayer is precious to me and coveted by me, the theories of the overchurched are not. If you have a theory that involves God and my butt, and is about anything other than comfort & healing, please keep it to yourself, as it is not helpful.

I say this as a praying Christian whose faith is strong and unwavered by this major crisis in my life. I repeat: God did not give me this cancer, but he will get me through it. I also repeat that I believe in prayer and am humbled that anyone would pray for a wretch like me.

Furthermore, I would like to say that I did not get to the top of the food chain to become a vegan. God created us as omnivores, gave us the bounty of the earth and all that inhabit it. I understand the reasons many become vegetarians and I support them personally and through my catering business. I do not support the theories of their “hezbollah like splinter-faction, the vegans.” (Thank you Mr. Bourdain) If you are praying that I become a vegan, it is a waste of your knee-time.

I treasure each of you that has come out of the woodworks to support me in my battle with #cancer. I am truly overwhelmed by the support, even by those sweet, tender-hearted spirits with crackpot theories. Please keep praying, as we have a steep path ahead. Thank you for supporting me.