13OCT18 UPDATE | MRI TORTURE | Vision Quest | Benefit?

HONESTLY- 1 hour in an MRI tube would be the way to torture me; or punish me for eternity.  That was literally the worst thing for someone as INTENSELY claustrophobic as me.  Should get results on Monday.

VISION QUEST- I am heading to Seattle and then driving back to Texas with Gavin.  We are going through Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Denver, Santa Fe and then back to Texas for a cosmically timed family reunion.  Check my Insta for details on the trip.

BENEFIT?  FOR ME?  I am the guy who takes care of other people.  This is difficult for me and God is using this to teach me humility (more than all the a$$ play I am getting in brightly lit offices), and the temperance to accept other's help.  Thank you for everyone who is supporting us.  I will pay it forward bigly.