Yesterday was the big day!  They had me on that table for 7 hours, but accomplished the main goal of SAVING THAT HOLE.

EVERYTHING  was contingent on the success of the chemo shrinking the tumor and the radio-oncologist’s aim.  Both were effective and set us up for the best possible outcome.

This surgery entailed the complete removal of my rectum and a portion of my colon.  Because my sphincter was saved they were able to pull the colon through and connect it.  There was a little more to it than that but that’s the main gist.  Then they did an ileostomy, where they basically detoured around the lower intestine, and came out with a port for a temporary bag. TEMPORARY is the operative word here, because this thing is gross.  Sometime this summer they will go back in and reverse it.  This is not an easy path, but in the long run leads back to a normal life.

Because the cancer had gotten to my lymph nodes, they removed a number of them and sent them to pathology to see the extent of the spread.  The results of the pathology will determine what the next phase of treatment will be, but I most certainly have another round of chemo ahead of me and it promises to be a doozie.

So the next few days will be spent chilling at Club Methodist and then back to Deke Manor to recuperate.  Might get a few leatherworking projects done for my YouTube channel.