29OCT18 UPDATE | Oncologist 1st meet | Plan coming together | #savethehole

Met with the Oncologist. First off, we REALLY liked her, she had such great energy and a kind spirit.  She also was very knowledgeable about my particular kind of cancer and the treatment protocols.  (She also kept remarking about what good health I was in and how young I was, so we bonded immediately.)

Pending insurance approval, we will be doing daily chemo pills and radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  Then 6 weeks recovery before my surgery.  I need to get a PET scan first (waiting on scheduling) and then meet with the radio-oncologist this week.  It seems the way they want to do things is start on a Monday, so my thought is that we will start on the 12th (the date of my benefit!)

She was pretty upbeat about the chemo having minimal side effects, so we are looking forward to that.  She did say I will probably be more effected by the radiation so I am going to see about having it later in the day so as to be able to still get some work done and be faithful to the treatment regimen.

I am ready to get into this groove.  Every day of treatment is a day closer to being through this.

Thanks for your prayers.  Keep praying to #savethehole as that one tumor has the ability impact literally the rest of my life.