31 JAN UPDATE | The Hole Stays, for now.

Met With The Surgeon- The hole stays, for now. 

6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy ended the Thursday before Christmas.  From there I had to wait and let the residual effects work and finally clear up.  If you don't know, they pretty much poisoned me and fried my bum- 2nd degree burns all through the netherworld.  Over.  And Over.  Still getting new blistering, although diminishing in intensity and getting farther apart.

On Monday I had an MRI to image the tumors and see where we've come since September.  Apparently, we made huge progress. If you remember, I had a 10cm tumor (the size of a small apple) at the top of my rectum and a 4.5cm one (the size of a key lime) at the bottom, right at the back door.

I should point out that I have had a very contentious relationship with my surgeon, who didn't even want to do the MRI- he just wanted to remove everything, put in the port and move on; not an optimal situation for a young, vibrant person such as myself.

Surgery is 13FEB at Methodist.  5 days inpatient, 2 weeks recovery and then RODEO!!!  2 months afterwards we go back in to have the port removed and then I can potty like a big boy again.  Given the lymph nodes being affected, I have another round of chemo, which might ultimately cost me my gorgeous head of hair this time, but we will deal with that when it comes.

The surgery is a laproscopic "robotic" surgery, and there is the chance  once they get in there that things might not work out the way we hope, but I am not going to go borrowing trouble at this point.  I will let that day come as it may.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.  Thank you for checking in on me and helping us out with these INSANE medical bills.  Most of all, just thank you for being here for me.  PLEASE tell me how I can be here for you.

We are not through this yet, but I can see the path and that has settled my spirit deeply.