31OCT18 UPDATE | Met With The Radio Oncologist Today

Met with the Radiological Oncologist. She is another Dr. I am glad is on our team.  Youthful, fun, knowledgeable about my specific type of cancer and took the time to explain what I was up against and how everything was going to work.  She said the side effects, while not zero, are kind of minimal, especially the first half.  The second half is when things start accruing and building up.

Pending insurance approval, (which didn't go so well on the chemo drugs !!!) we will get started next week.  We think things should go smoother as this is all treatment and office work, so it gives them less to deny as far as coverage goes.

They ran their prelim tests, did a cat scan, tattooed their markers on my body (so now I have a total of 7 tattoos on and in my body, 2 of the artistic persuasion) and built a form to hold me in a consistent spot over the next 6 weeks.

As it gets closer to actually beginning treatment, I am getting a little more anxiety, mostly about work and keeping things going through our busy season. I feel good about the treatment plan and really want to get started down this gauntlet.