3 SEP UPDATE | Round 7/7 - Almost there

Three Bells means “all clear”. Today it means that I am finished with the chemo infusions (still have some pills to take.). Then it’s back in 3 weeks for a scan to see if the carpet-bombing was successful. 
While we celebrated the finish a bit before I’ve made it over the line, it was still an emotional moment for me. The few steps that lay ahead will return control of my body, my mind and my time back to me. Psychologically, just the suggestion of that is huge. 
#cancer loves to single people out and get into their heads. Once it wins the mind, the body will follow. No win here for the coward known as #colorectalcancer . You touched my butt, but I am currently kicking yours.

I was diagnosed 27SEP18, and will declare victory over #crc 27SEP19. There is a beautiful symmetry in that.

#cancersucks #teamhausen #savethehole #crcfoundation

LAST INFUSION  Also, last cold drink for a while…


Also, last cold drink for a while…