8OCT18 UPDATE- STAGE 3B Rectal Cancer. We Can Win This.


  • 24SEP- Colonoscopy showed 9 polyps in my booty and 2 masses (tumors,) one 4 cm, one 10 cm.

  • 27SEP- Pathology came back- both tumors are cancer

  • 5OCT- CT Scan

  • 8OCT- Consult with surgeon

TODAYS DR. VISIT: CT Scan was a mixed bag- Chest clear, abdomen clear, no spread to other organs, but might have affected a few lymph nodes.  MRI scheduled for later this week to figure that out & nail down the finer points. Dr. Az said the good news is that both tumors are fully in the rectum (apparently very rare to have 2 at the same time), but the bad news is they will probably take the whole thing (rectum) out.  So if I ask you to hold a bag of something, you should probably decline.

NEXT STEPS: MRI (this week?), Meet with oncologist & radiation oncologist to come up with a plan.  Dr. Az feels it will be 6 weeks radiation/chemo then 6 week rest then surgery.  Probably in late January.  Perfect timing for Rodeo.  (Gotta have goals.)

PROGNOSIS- POSSIBLE STAGE 3B Full recovery after a class A ass whoopin. (American Cancer Society puts Rectal Cancer Stage 3a 5 year surviveabilty at 90%.  I would take those odds any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.)

FERVENT PRAYER REQUEST:  He says if the radiation/chemo do an amazing job there is a chance that I will not have to have a colostomy. For God's sake- pray for that.  Also pray that we aren't crushed financially, that is weighing heavily on me as we have been through this before.  Also pray for my wife's sweet spirit.

Thanks for coming with me on this Journey.