DR: So you will need to wear long sleeves and pants through the summer because your chemo will give you itchy red spots when exposed to sun.
ME: So if I just stay out of the sun and in the shade, I should be okay.
DR: Yes, except that another side effect of the chemo is that you overheat at a super rapid pace and at lower air temperatures than before.
ME: So I over heat super fast, but you want me wearing pants and long sleeve shirts, which make it worse, right?
DR: Yes.
ME: Right. Well I will just need to keep a huge cup of Whataburger sweet tea with the chewy ice on hand to keep my core cool, and if all else fails, I will just go into the walk in cooler to cool off.
DR: Welllll... it gets worse: cold drinks burn like lava and can make your throat close off, and cold air feels like someone is hitting you with a blow torch. Oh, and randomly, your fingers and lips will tingle and cant be touched, so you might want to wear gloves and a facemask to keep them warm.
ME: C'MON!!! That's a death sentence here in Texas! 
DR: Well you've still got to survive the chemo as well, so there's that. 
ME: Honestly!

All of that is literally true. But none of it is more than an inconvenience (except the tea... Jesus, just take me now!) So many of my friends with cancer have it so much worse. So while you are praying for me, I am praying for them.

Everyone is on a hard road, whether it is #cancer, divorce, financial problems, work problems, it is as much a burden to them as the burden of cancer is to me. If you are struggling, you deserve as much compassion, mercy and grace as I do. Share your burdens with me and let me lift you up. Don't think my problems keep me from having empathy and a desire to help my friends. I am not only a cancer warrior, but I am a prayer warrior. I also have strong shoulders and can carry yours as well as my load.

Thank you for your love and compassion this past year... seeing the light at the end of this tunnel lightens my spirit like I can't even explain, and having you here with me is humbling and empowering. Thank you.