There isn’t too much to tell about me. I am a husband, dad, chef, caterer, maker and cancer warrior.

I grew up in Houston, TX and built houses for 10 years before I “followed my passion” and started catering in 2001.

I grew up making things with my father and grandfather. I still remember my grandfather using his old Shop Smith to make pretty much anything he wanted or needed for the house. My dad made much of the furniture in his house as well as decor and stuff for the yard. I was fortunate to learn at their workbenches and have continued building things ever since.

I think I approach food and “making” with the same esthetic: function first. In food, flavor should be first. I don’t bother with fancy garnishes or preparations. Nobody wins wars because their tanks are pretty, they win because they are effective. To that end, my food is delicious and I have tens of thousands of happy customers to prove it.

In making, I always want my stuff to last and be handed down, and be USEFUL. I also like for my stuff to have a story; where the materials came from, who it’s for, why I made it. When you come through my house and I show you my projects they always start with my connection to the materials (and there is ALWAYS a story.) I am not a fine leathercrafter or woodworker, but I build fun, functional stuff that will last!

27SEP18 was a pivotal day for me. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. 2 tumors- one the size of a golfball and one the size of a small apple. This story is still being written and will be a win, eventually. For the time being, it’s a big haul.

Thanks for reading this far, and for walking with me down this path. I don’t feel like my story is special or unique, so I am just glad you stopped by to hear my version of things.